Thursday, August 17, 2006

Article: Library digitization projects, issues and guidelines: A survey of the literature

digitizationblog found this excellent article written by Laurie Lopatin in Library Hi Tech. As the abstract says:
Literature published from 2000-2005 on library digitization projects was examined. Issues involving digitization projects are presented, as well as case studies and resources for digitization projects. The paper has the following sections: project management, funding digital projects, selection of materials, legal issues, metadata creation, interoperability, and preservation issues.
This article can be purchased online from the publisher for US $24.60 or GBP £13.00. If you are affiliated with a college/university, you might find it through one of its online databases. Or use interlibrary loan to acquire a copy.

This is an excellent article! Lots of good information, including a wonderful bibliography. It's an article that should be widely read. I know that it is one that my students will be reading.

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