Monday, August 29, 2005

September & October Schedule

Life here in Upstate NY hit a hectic pace by mid-summer and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Along with the project work will be workshops and speaking engagements. If you want to meet me face-to-face, here is where you'll find me over the next two months.

Sept. 21: Workshop - How to Create a Blog for Your Business (Syracuse)
This workshop was born out of a conversation with another blogger from Rochester who encouraged me to do a public workshop on blogging. I maintain three blogs (yes...this one and two others -- here & here) and she felt that I had knowledge that business people needed on the subject.
Oct. 14: Digitization Discussion Series: Creating a Successful Digital Imaging Project (Buffalo)
I'm facilitating a series of discussions as part of the planning project for the Western NY Library Resources Council. Carole Ann Fabian, director of the Educational Technologies Center for the University of Buffalo, will be joining me for this first one to talk about the steps and mindset needed to create successful digital imaging projects.
Oct. 28: Presentation entitled "Born Digital" at the New York Library Association annual conference (Buffalo)
I spoke at NYLA two years ago in a session about digitizing special collections. My presentation was on deed of gift forms and was quite enjoyable and informative because institutions don't often think of how the forms (or lack thereof) can impact a digitization project.

This presentation on materials that are born digital will also be an eye-opener. Born digital is normal, yet ensuring that those materials last is not.
BTW looks like the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University is having an alumni reception on Oct. 27 at NYLA. Since I'm adjunct faculty, I'll be there too.

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