Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Event: Museum Computer Network's Annual Conference, Nov 2 - 5, 2005

Online registration is now open.

Early Bird registration is now open for Museum Computer Network (MCN) @ Boston, November 2nd - 5th. Registration forms, secure online registration and travel information are available at http://www.mcn.edu/Mcn2005/mcn2005registration.htm

In addition to great sessions addressing digital longevity, standards, and other technological issues in museums, the conference will feature:

Alexander Rose, Executive Director of the Long Now Foundation, delivering this year's Blackaby Keynote address. Mr. Rose's talk, entitled "Designing for Longevity," will weave elements of his work in long-term preservation with current issues in electronic media.

Howard Besser, Director of the Moving Image Archiving & Preservation Program at NYU, and one of the most thoughtful mentors of our community, will deliver a plenary address during the Thursday evening reception, offering a look backwards and into the future of our collective endeavor.

Thursday night reception at the Fogg Art Museum Conference attendees will spend a wonderful evening with friends and colleagues viewing the Special Exhibition:
Degas at Harvard
Pre and post conference workshops:
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Digital Collection for the Whole Museum.
  • Cataloging Cultural Objects Bootcamp
  • Managing a Digitization Project
  • Content Management Strategies and Systems
Immediately preceding MCN in the same venue, NEDCC will present the newest in their series of acclaimed two-day conferences, The Persistence of Memory:
Stewardship of Digital Assets.
Register for both today!
Full conference program is available online at http://www.mcn.edu/Mcn2005/mcn2005sessions.htm

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