Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Have you posted information on your digitization lab on the Internet?

Most projects don't post details about their digitization labs, but this information can be helpful to other projects as well as students who are learning about digitizing assets. In talking about the hardware needs to my graduate students, I point them to the following sites to read/see what equipment specific projects are using.

If you've published information on the Internet about the digitization equipment you have used in a project (or the lab you have built), leave a comment here and let us know. Many people would benefit from hearing about the equipment you are using.


Anthony Troncale said...

Here is the digital lab I set up for the American Museum of Natural History- Anthony Troncale


Bob Bastian said...

I've stumbled across your blog when I done some internet
marketing research in Google. You're doing a pretty nice job
here, keep up the good work :-)