Tuesday, February 08, 2005

DigiCULT publishes Thematic Issue 7: The Future Digital Heritage Space, December 2004

DigiCULT committed to produce "seven Thematic Issues which build on the results of an expert round table on a selected topic, and provide additional information and opinions in the form of invited articles, interviews, and case studies." In December, the seventh Thematic Issue was published entitled "The Future Digital Heritage Space." Previously released issues were:

  • Resource Discovery Technologies for the Heritage Sector, June 2004
  • Virtual Communities and Collaboration, January 2004
  • Learning Objects from Cultural and Scientific Heritage Resources, October 2003
  • Towards a Semantic Web for Heritage Resources, May 2003
  • Digital Asset Management Systems for the Cultural and Scientific Heritage Sector, December 2002
  • Integrity and Authenticity of Digital Objects, August 2002

DigitCULT participants bring a breadth of knowledge and a non-North America perspective that we need to hear.

* * * * *

Thanks to Elizabeth Di Cataldo for her pointer to the publication of the seventh Issue.

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