Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Lists of digitization vendors

When you're looking for a digitization vendor, it would be helpful to not only be able to find a list of vendors, but to have that list give you information about the vendors so you don't waste your time on needless phone calls or mailings. Unfortunately, for those of us in NYS, the lists maintained by the state are not nearly complete and do not provide enough information to tell you what the vendor really does. That "problem" only has given people like me the impetus to create better lists and make them available on the Internet.

I have created a list of digitization vendors over the last several years. The list focuses primarily on those in New York State, but does contain information on some vendors elsewhere in the U.S. as well as pointers to other lists.

The most current version of the list is not online yet. (It is part of a digitization plan developed for the Capital District Library Council.) I'll announce when it is available. However, two older versions are available as part of plans completed for the Northern New York Library Network and the South Central Regional Library Council. These plans are located at:

In both cases, look in the appendix for information on vendors. These lists are more comprehensive that any others (except the one to be published in the CDLC plan). And the information is not that far out of date, so these are still quite useful. Honest!

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