Friday, June 15, 2012

ALA conference tips from T is for Training

These conference tips are from episode 100 of the podcast T is for Training. (link to MP3 file) I tried to capture who said each tip, although in a couple of cases, several people chimed in together on the same one!
  1. Don't make a schedule, make a wish list of sessions that you want to attend. (LibrarianKate)
  2. Use the ALA conference scheduler. (LibrarianKate)
  3. Schedule some downtime. (LibrarianKate) [like Craftcon]
  4. If you can't get to a session, find the presenter online and see if the person will share the handout with you.  (BaldGeekinMD)
  5. Schedule time for serendipitous discovery. (BaldGeekinMD)
  6. Schedule time to visit the exhibit hall. (BaldGeekinMD)
  7. Don't ignore the Twitter back channel. (PS)
  8. Use social media. (LibrarianKate)
  9. Go to some social events. (MLx)
  10. Dress comfortably. (MLx)
  11. Do wear shoes! (BaldGeekinMD) 
  12. Use a totebag from another conference, so you can easily spot your own bag.
  13. When you're outside of the conference, take off your conference badge.
  14. Set aside things to pack when you think of them, cause ya know you're gonna forget! (Jill_HW)
Do have any additional tips to share? Or links to tips? If yes, please leave a comment on this post. Those that are attending the American Library Association (ALA) conference or other conferences will appreciate it.  Thanks!

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