Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Are X and Y the same?

Day 64: Tile has been groutedSo many interesting lessons have flowed out of remodeling a kitchen. As the tile was put into place, we learned another one. Not all 2"x2" tiles are alike. In the photo, the white ceramic tiles are not the same size at all as the blue glass tiles, yet we thought they were the same size (and we were told they were the same size). The white tiles are bigger (width and height), while the blue tiles are thicker. Of course, both tiles come from two different companies, with different ideas about what a 2x2 tile is.

With all of our project -- work & home -- digitization and non -- we need to be sure that we know what products and services we are purchasing and how they compare. Sometimes it can be important to take the extra step to ensure that they are indeed the same, and not take someone's word for it (the salesperson). While this tile-work turned out great, finding out that your file formats, for example, are not exactly the same would not be so good.

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