Thursday, July 20, 2006

Graffiti Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

This is an exhibition of twenty large-scale graffiti paintings from influential artists (and an exhibit at the museum, not online), but what makes it different is that people can submit photos of graffiti art in Brooklyn by submitting digital photos through Flickr (see the growing collection here). The Museum has posted its guidelines which includes that the photographers gives the Museum all rights to the photos. (There are both positives and negatives to assigning the museum all rights. Generally, I suspect people will just enjoy being part of this effort and having their photos recognized.) This is a good use of software/web site like Flickr. It gets people involved in the exhibit, creates more interest, and enhancing the exhibit.

BTW the exhibit web site is interactive, which is very cool. Users can even create their own virtual graffiti.

Thanks to Steve Cohen for finding this project.

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