Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Twitter. Flickr. End of eras.

My use of social media is change and it's time to admit it.

I joined Flickr in 2005 (May, I think) and have nearly 5000 photos in that service. Over the years, I have used Flickr to share photos with other people. It's also been one way that I've been able to find my own photos, because I've been good at organizing photos in Flickr. Flickr also helped me forge relationships with other library folks, because we looked at and used each other photos. And in 2007, I got a ride from an airport to a conference center because I knew another person on the flight through Flickr. (Very cool!)

But the last photos I uploaded to Flickr were in September 2020. And while I do search Flickr for photos to use that have a Creative Commons license, often what I'm looking for isn't there. It just isn't the place that supports me the way it used to. Ugh.

And then there is Twitter. We are all watching the "dumpster fire" that Twitter has become. Some wonder if it will survive the week, since valuable members of its support staff are now gone.  After its recent acquisition, by E.M., I looked at my Twitter usage and realized that it isn't the news source it used to be for me nor the place where I interact with lots of people in the library and information communities. It's not a back-channel for conferences, for example. It is no longer essential.  With folks deleting their accounts or just relying on other services instead, its era is over.

I have already decreased by usage of Twitter by deleting apps and not signing in automatically on my computer.  And I'm getting ready to downgrade to the free Flickr subscription, which will then delete many of my photos. Yes, that will ruin blog posts where I've embedded my photos. Honestly, older posts are snapshots in time. If I find myself updating any of them (which can happen), then I'll update any broken photos too.

BTW...oddly...I don't feel sad. Tools come. Tools go. We shouldn't think that any of them will last forever, right?

So where can you find me? I've been using LinkedIn more. While it doesn't replace Flickr or Twitter, it has become a good spot for sharing work-related thoughts and information. You can follow me on LinkedIn without us being connected. (I try to connect with only those folks I know.)  You can also follow me on Instagram, if you're  interested in what I'm generally thinking or doing.

BTW some folks are moving to Mastodon. I haven't explored it, but it's been noted as being siloed and clunky. Perhaps I'll join in the future, but being untethered is a nice feeling!

Below is a version of last thing I uploaded to Flickr in 2020.

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