Friday, July 02, 2021

Webinar: The CASE Act for Libraries

I attended the ESLN webinar, "Understanding the CASE Act and the Implications for Library Liability and Projection," by Dr. Tomas A. Lipinski. This was a content dense webinar. Lipinski noted that some aspects of the CASE Act implementation are still unknown.  In addition, the Copyright Claims Board (CCB) is not yet up in running. Lipinski also noted that the CASE Act contains 35 references to forthcoming regulations. In other words, operationalizing the statute is in progress. 

Because there are still unknowns about the CASE Act implementation and because my notes were definitely incomplete, I am providing a reference list rather than notes.  If you need to understand the CASE Act, you might focus on the specific aspects that are important to you and your situation, rather than the entire act. If you decide to take a webinar, recognize that there is a lot to be covered! Perhaps someone will develop a series on the Act, so there is time to absorb the details and talk through scenarios.


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