Monday, June 21, 2021

In the reading mood? Here are some book recommendations

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Today is the summer equinox, which means that summer really is in full swing. For many - especially those of us who have received the COVID-19 vaccine - the pandemic restrictions are lifting, and that means we might be looking for books to take to the park, beach, or a coffee shop. I don't do many book recommendations here, but thought I'd stop for a moment and recommend these below. I'll describe why.

  • Kenneth Crews. (2020) Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators: Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions 4th Edition. As I continue to speak, teach, write and focus on U.S. copyright law, this book, written by Kenny Crews, remains my "go to" resources when I want to understand how someone else has discussed an element of the law. This edition was a long time in the works, which actually benefited the text with the edition of changes made to the law in 2019. If your library or educational institution is talking at all about copyright, I think you should have this book on your shelves.

  • Paul Signorelli (2021) Change the World Using Social Media. This is another book that was in the works for a few years.  Paul, who is a colleague on the T is for Training podcast, interviewed a wide range of people for this book, which covers various social media tools and what they can do for you. This book is truly focused on how these tools can help you change the world.

  • Tom Haymes. (2020) Learn at Your Own Risk: 9 Strategies for Thriving in a Pandemic and Beyond. Tom is another T is for Training colleague, who is passionate about the systems and techniques teachers and trainers use when delivering materials to their learners. This book was born out of what occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic and how it impacted teaching, training and learning.

  • Matthew Desmond. (2017) Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. This week, I am helping to facilitate a library book discussion on this book. This book connects with some of the volunteer work I do with the Poor People's Campaign. This was a timely read because it helped me understand some of the housing problems that are occurring in my community. Now I see poorly maintained housing as part of the "eviction industry" (my own phrase).  Desmond is an academic, but this book is the story of specific people and the impact evictions had on them and their community.  There are some statistics sprinkle throughout the book, which support what was occurring in the lives he followed.

  • Karen Renee Weaver. (2020) Reaching Up For Comfort: Caregiver Experiences, Questions, and Prayers. This book is not like any of the ones above, because it is for people who are going through care-giving experiences. Karen is a cousin who I first met two years ago and I hope this book of hers does good in the world.

That's it! People are always exchanging book recommendations, so - tell me - what are you reading this summer? 


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Paul Signorelli said...

Grateful to be on that list. Thanks, Jill. As you know, I have already read two of those books and am enjoying a third (Evicted) at this point. Looking forward to picking up the other two as soon as I plow through a few more that are on the never-decreasing piles of books waiting for my attention.