Thursday, October 15, 2020

Samantha Mairson: Blacking Out Books: What Would You Do?

Page with some of the text blacked out

Samantha contacted me as she was writing this post, because she had a copyright question.  It is a worthwhile post, so I'm sharing it here.

In this post, Samantha Mairson begins by stating:

Libraries are reopening in a post-COVID world. It is a good time to revisit the Library Bill of Rights and ethical considerations that should ground the everyday work of libraries.

She goes on to talk about "expurgation," which is to delete part of an item/material (e.g., book), which can be seen as censorship.  Mairson then includes definitions, resources, and questions for you to consider.  

If you have never thought about expurgation, this post is an excellent introduction. If you have expurged (purified) materials, you might want to read this and then think about your actions.

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