Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Free Webinar (April 3): Libraries and COVID-19: Considering Copyright during a Crisis

See below.  I'm honored to be part of this AL Live event with Lesley Ellen Harris and Kenneth Crews.

Registration for this event is limited. Please see below for more information.*

With most physical libraries around the country forced to close their doors, digital materials are more important than ever. The copyright issues involved with these materials can be difficult enough to process under normal circumstances; now they can seem even more overwhelming. Please join our expert panel as we discuss how libraries can address these challenges. We’ll also share practical tips and information about which digital content providers have loosened restrictions on their materials during this pandemic.

Our panel includes:

  • Lesley Ellen Harris, JD, is CEO of Harris is a copyright consultant, published author, copyright blogger, and educator. She is an expert in navigating current copyright issues. Her areas of concentration include US and Canadian copyright law, international copyright law, and licensing digital content.

  • Jill Hurst-Wahl is a consultant, speaker, writer, and educator. She is associate professor of practice in Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies and president of Hurst Associates, Ltd. A former corporate librarian, Hurst-Wahl has been an advocate for increasing the impact of libraries, no matter the type of community or organization they serve. She is a member of the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council and the Onondaga County (N.Y.) Public Library board of trustees. Her focus includes copyright, the use of social media, and the future of the profession.

  • Kenneth D. Crews is an attorney, author, professor, and international copyright consultant. He has been a consultant to businesses, universities, and governments in many countries in all parts of the world and has received two national awards for his leadership on copyright issues. Crews’s practice centers on copyright, trademark, branding, and intellectual property law for diverse business, entertainment, and nonprofit clients. Crews works closely with clients regarding the complexities of their use and ownership of intellectual property, the strategic management of IP assets, and development programs of licenses, contracts, and policy positions. Clients include software developers, film producers, major research universities, independent authors, and publishers of books, journals, and multimedia products. Building on his academic background and diverse experiences, he has served as an expert witness in copyright litigation involving art, software, fashion design, and fair use at research universities.
*NOTE: Due to high demand, we are accepting up to 1,500 registrations for this event. Based on capacity, however, only the first 1,000 viewers to join the event will be able to attend live. We will be recording this event and will post the archive information to the American Libraries Live website as soon as it is available. We thank you for your patience. If you are unable to register, the archive information will be posted to

Tune in to this free 60-minute webcast at 1 p.m. Eastern on April 3. Don't miss out! Register now.

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