Sunday, March 01, 2020

It's out! Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators (Fourth Edition)

Kenneth Crews
The fourth edition of Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators: Creative Strategies and Practical Solutions by Kenneth Crews is now available from ALA.  This has been several years in the making, with the delay allowing Crews to include information on the two changes to copyright law which occurred in 2018. (Sometimes a delay is a good thing!) Crews reported that he made updates throughout the book.  The geek in me is looking to reading it! 

Note that the ALA website does have a sample of the book which can be downloaded.

The table of contents is:

Part I: The Reach of Copyright
Chapter 1: The Copyright Map: Changing Needs and Copyright Solutions
Chapter 2: Sources of Copyright Law: Constitution, Statutes, and Courts
Chapter 3: Sources of Copyright Law: International Treaties, Trade, and Harmonization
Chapter 4: The Scope of Protectable Works
Chapter 5: Works without Copyright Protection

Part II: Rights of Ownership
Chapter 6: Duration and Formalities: How Long Do Copyrights Last?
Chapter 7: Who Owns the Copyright?
Chapter 8: The Rights of Copyright Owners
Chapter 9: Exceptions to the Rights of Owners

Part III: Fair Use
Chapter 10: Fair Use: Getting Started
Chapter 11: Fair Use: Understanding the Four Factors
Chapter 12: Getting Comfortable with Fair Use: Applying the Four Factors
Chapter 13: The Meaning of Fair Use Guidelines
Chapter 14: Education, Fair Use, and the Georgia State Case

Part IV: Focus on Education and Libraries
Chapter 15: Distance Education and the Principles of Copyright
Chapter 16: Distance Education and the TEACH Act
Chapter 17: Libraries, Archives, and the Special Provisions of Section 108
Chapter 18: Responsibility, Liability, and Doing the Right Thing

Part V: Special Features
Chapter 19: Music and Copyright
Chapter 20: The Peculiar Law of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings
Chapter 21: Copyright, Archives, and Unpublished Materials
Chapter 22: Anticircumvention and Digital Rights Management
Chapter 23: Copyright and the World: Foreign Law and Foreign Works
Chapter 24: Permission, Licensing, and Open Access

  • Appendix A    Selected Provisions from the U.S. Copyright Act
  • Appendix B    Copyright Checklist: Fair Use
  • Appendix C     Copyright Checklist: The TEACH Act and Distance Education
  • Appendix D    Copyright Checklist for Libraries: Copies for Preservation or Replacement
  • Appendix E    Copyright Checklist for Libraries: Copies for Private Study
  • Appendix F    Model Letter for Permission Requests
This edition is not yet available through Amazon, but I expect that it will be.

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