Tuesday, November 19, 2019

#NYLA2019 : Random conference thoughts

Photo from Twitter of the tattoo artist at NYLA
Random thoughts:
  • The New York Library Association (NYLA) now has over 7000 members (a new record)!  NYLA has done a nice job in recent years in expanding membership, which gets more people active in the association and more people active in advocacy.
  • NYLA continues to put the fun in the conference!  Each year is advertised as the "Best Conference Ever" and it is amazing how that comes true.  
  • Besides a wide range of conference sessions, continuing education events, and companies/organizations in the trade show area (exhibit hall), this year there was a tattoo artist on-site!  Yes, people lined up for library, book and gaming themed tattoos from Gold Tiger Tattoo.
  • And if tattoos weren't enough excitement, there was sword fighting (with all of the protective gear) in the trade show area.
  • Photo by Jill Hurst-Wahl of theNYLA business meeting and breakfast
  • If you want to get a quorum at your association's business meeting, do what NYLA has done for years - serve breakfast! This year, it was standing room only!
  • While the content is always good, the networking that occurs is important.  Never discount the power of being at a conference and making connections. These are the connections that could get your ahead in your career.
  • The content, the location, and the people make this one of the largest state-level library conferences in the U.S., or so I've heard.  I mean...a 1000+ people! Wow!
  • The is indeed a great conference and I hope that others - even from outside NYS - will come to it. You will not be disappointed!
Warming up for sword fighting where library staff weild more than just information

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