Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Just Need 15 Minutes

Flower ClockAs my work life gets more full of activities, my blogging decreases. Great blog posts don't make from my head to the Internet, and I regret that. The fullness of my life also means that I don't have large blocks of time for professional development. If it is something that I can listen to, then I might be able to do it while I walk from my car to my building (nearly a mile), but not every professional development opportunity is an audio file. However, starting this fall, I'm going to carve out 15 minutes each day to engage in a specific 30-week personal development activity. 15 minutes does seem like much, but over 30 weeks that will be 3150 minutes or 52.5 hours, which is a significant amount of time. In order to fit it in, I'm going to get up 15 minutes earlier each day. I'm sure that when I get up and it is still dark outside, that will seem like a real chore, but I know that it will be worth it.

What professional or personal development do you need to be doing? How are you going to fit it in? Could spending 15 minutes a day on it make you a better project manager, a more values employee, or a sought after potential hire?

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Paul Signorelli said...

Nice reminder that big leaps start with small steps. Now you have me thinking about what I might accomplish by reclaiming 15 minutes a day with a significant goal in mind.