Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Article: The Bizarre Process We Use To Approve Exemptions To The Digital Milliennium Copyright Act

Library of Congress (Explored)Fast Company has an article about the process to decide on exemptions to the DMCA; a process that is occurring now.  Part of this article focuses on online multiplayer games and the problem that occurs once the game becomes defunct.  Of course, this isn't the only area that is seeking an exemption.  However, is this the right way to go about deciding what receives an exemption and what does not?  And I wonder how the Librarian of Congress really listens to and how he ultimately makes the decision.  The article agrees that this process isn't the best.  As it says:
This triennial process is probably the worst thing that the companies that helped create the legislation could have wished for, because of the news coverage and consumer awareness that results. As more physical things become unrepairable and unmodifiable, even when software support is discontinued by a maker or the maker goes out of business, more people will face the choice between violating a law and getting what they believe they paid for.

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