Thursday, January 29, 2015

#ALISE2015 : SIG Program: Innovative Pedagogies

The first speakers - led by Paul Solomon - talked about thinking outside the box with their doctoral program.  They hold a short boot camp with the doctoral students, in order to help them focus. The students found it very helpful in grounding them.

American Pragmatism - Chuck Curran, et al
Need better theory and practice integration.  More integration would allow for the development of new theories.  While American Pragmatism is not new, it could be a new way of thinking into our courses.  

Case based learning as a way of teaching information ethics - Mirah Dow, et al
Using Dervin & Clark (2003) to help with case based learning and sense-making

What are authentic cases?
  • Storytelling quality
  • Interesting characters
  • Controversial topics
  • Dilemmas to engage the students
  • Case-based instruction provides the authenticity necessary for students to frame social issues as information problems.  
  • Case-based instruction provides the basis for learning basic principles of information ethics including information freedom, intellectual property, privacy, professional ethics, and intercultural ethics.
  • CAS-based instruction enables students to express substantive perceptions of being critical.
  • Case-based insurrection enables students....(I think the rest of it was about leadership).
This group's research is being published in the ALISE journal (JELIS).

Public Library Fellowship Course - Denice Adkins
  • Focused on leadership in public libraries
  • 12-credit capstone experience
  • Small cohort each year
  • Problem-based learning
  • Using professionals to inform professional practice
  • Advisory board of Missouri Directors of Large Libraries 
Creative Writing in LIS Courses - Karen Dali, et al
  • Cross disciplinary course on reading and writing
  • Dali used a nine minute video to deliver her presentation.
  • Are working to publish this.

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