Friday, November 07, 2014

#NYLA2014 : Update on 2020 Vision Plan: Creating the Future

Several librarians talked about what they are doing that relates to the 2020 Vision Plan for Library Service in New York State.  I did not capture complete notes; however, below are some of the examples given: 

Claudia Depkin - Haverstraw King's Daughters public Library - Library Outreach Visits Everyone (LOVE) - begun 18 years ago.  Exemplifies recommendation 27 (early learning).  147 kits covering 42 themes that community members can borrow.  Allows them (non library people) to do story-time.

Rochester Public Library - Early education in Rochester has taken a front seat with their new mayor (2013). Grant funded work.  They explored new and alternative summer learning opportunities.  Developed programs with the city school district.  

They have also done teen services and gang intervention programs.  

Jen Cannell - Questar III - she highlighted recommendations 1, 10 and 36.  For example, her system is trying to be more innovative with technology.  They have a 3D printer that can be loaned out to school libraries, which makes that technology more widely available in the school.  Many schools have 3D printers, but in a specific class area.

In terms of high value services, she noted that one district paid $2000 to get in on an 70,000 ebook collection.  That is high value!

Jim Belair - from a BOCES near Rochester.  They have a five system union catalogue.  The current holdings are 3.6 million.  Very high number of shares among them and other libraries in the region.  They are also working together on purchase agreements.

University of Rochester - a librarian talked about (1) Digitization of papers from the Seward family. (2) Creation of a university repository. 

Deirdre Joyce - CLRC - HARMONY - historical archival records and manuscripts of New York.  An  EAD repository of finding aids. Housed with the NY 3R Association in 2013.

Bernie Margolis  - Is the Vision 2020 successful?  Yes.  No.  The plan has created a foundation and platform for people to create new library services.  Some libraries use the Vision when creating local strategy plans.  

Some of the things in the plan may no longer be appropriate.  Things are constantly changing.  We have a long way to go.  We also have political issues that we need to deal with, as well as conflicts in our library communities.  We need more training in assessment, which will help us evaluate our successes.  

Jeff Cannell - "The weight of accomplishment is pretty powerful."  He noted that the Regents would be interested in hearing all or some of these presentations.

Addendum (11/12/2014): The list of people, who spoke in this session, includes:
  • Karen Balsen, New York State Library
  • Jim Belair, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES SLS
  • Jen Cannell, Questar BOCES SLS
  • Claudia Depkin, Haverstraw King's Daughters PL
  • Deirdre Joyce, CLRC
  • Sue Kowalski, Pine Grove Middle School
  • Susan Polos, Mt. Kisxo Elementary School
  • Marcy Strong, Univ. of Rochester
  • Patty Uttaro, Rochester Public Library
  • Kerri Willette, METRO

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