Saturday, October 26, 2013

Copyright for Information Professionals (IST 735), weeks 4-9

So my idea of blogging each week about my copyright class has failed.  My life as both an instructor and director of two programs seems to get in the way of my blogging.  I'm sorry.

THE DMCAThe conversations and information shared over the last five weeks has gotten better, as students understand more about the law and research areas of interest.  I especially liked the conversation during our week on the DMCA, as students found examples of take down notices and other information.  I learned that even Twitter has a way of reporting copyright infringement!

One of my students has been tweeting links to copyright-related web sites and articles, and I've added her to my Twitter list on copyright.  If you're interested, you can follow my Twitter list.  (Note that people do often tweet about other things, including sporting events.)

In talking about the permissions process, I relayed stories of people seeking permission to use photos that I have in Flickr.  Today I received another request, which I granted.  I tell those stories so that students know that people do seek permission and that doing so can be easy.  I've had photos used in hardcopy and online publications, and one used in a national news broadcast!  I've also sought permission to use photos and find that people are more than willing to say "yes".  Of course, using an appropriate Creative Commons license can help people understand what they can do without explicit permission, and that is a big help.

At some point, I'll tell you about the assignments that they are doing this year.  For now, I'll leave you with the mandatory readings for the last five weeks.  (Please excuse any font discrepancies.)

Week #5: Limitations on exclusive rights: Reproduction by libraries and archives, and other limitations
·         Title 17, Section 108
·         Crews. Copyright Law for Libr. and Educators. Ch. 13 & app. D & E.
·         Hirtle. Copyright and Cultural Institutions. Chapter 6.

Week #6: International copyright & copyright in U.S. government works
·         International Copyright,
·         Pamela Samuelson. Intellectual Property Arbitrage: How Foreign Rules Can Affect Domestic Protections,
·         Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright Issues Affecting The U.S. Government,  - PDF pages 16-28

Week #7: Teaching & the TEACH Act
·         Title 17, Section 110
·         Crews. Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators. Chapter 12 and appendix C.
·         Liz Johnson. Managing Intellectual Property for Distance Learning.
·         Know Your Copyrights, 
·         Syracuse Univ., Using Copyrighted Works in Teaching,

Week #8: Digital Millennium Copyright Act
·         Crews. Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators. Chapter 16.
·         DMCA Highlights,
·         NPPA. Two Easy Steps for Using the DMCA Takedown Notice to Battle Copyright Infringement,
·         Legal How-To: Responding to a DMCA Takedown Notice,
·         File Sharing at Syracuse University,

Week #9: The Permissions Process
·        Crews. Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators. Ch. 18 and app. F.
·         Nolo. Copyright and Fair Use Overview.  Introduction to the Permissions Process,
·         Nolo. Copyright and Fair Use Overview.  Releases,
·         LibLicense,
·         Mary Minow. Library Digitization Projects and Copyright.
·         Hurst-Wahl, Jill. The time and effort to copyright clear materials,

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