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#SLA2013 - SLA Loyalty Project

Overview - James King
Six chapters have been involved in this since 2011.  Began after James Kane's speech at the 2010 Leadership Summit.
 Background can be found at:
A version of Kane's handout is at:

Loyalty Components:
* Trust
* Belonging
* Purpose

SLA Loyalty web site,

Community Engagement -SoCal Chapter
* How do we broaden our appeal beyond librarians?
* Can the community see themselves in an event that you host for them?
* Contact info and handouts at
* Kane wanted them to build relationships with other organizations.  They found it tough to do.  
* How can they re-energize this project and keep it manageable?

Leadership - Minnesota Chapter
* How do you continue to develop leaders while protecting from burnout?
* Why do leaders drop "out" after their stint?
* Did interviews with past-presidents and a survey with their advisory board.
* Result - announce past presidents, give corsages, host a leadership lunch
* Are restructuring their Board committees.  What is working? Do people want to be advisory board members? Is the three committee structure working?
* Can they provide additional training for leaders?

Member Relations - Rocky Mountain Chapter
* For a better member experience, how do we get to know our members better?
* First started with exploring relationship management tool to assist with information gathering.
* Used pecha kucha style talks at chapter meetings to introduce the Board.
* Personal outreach to members - with intros and open-ended questions.
* Webinars, master classes, mini conference, happy hours
* They share membership info among board members, which helps to spot errors.
* Each month they send emails to new members, expired members, and expiring members.  
* They have moved from software solutions to glad-handing...building one-on-one relationships.

Remote Member Engagement - Florida-Caribbean Chapter
* How do you encourage engagement when members are spread so far?
* Do have members in Georgia, Mexico and Europe.
* Thought that they had people coordinating regional events, but those people did not know what do to.  Re-divided the chapter into smaller regions (16), but only have three people who are willing to do host two events per year at their convenience.
* Can you help chapter members realize where other SLA members are located in the chapter?
* How do you get the culture of a chapter to change, so that it has meaningful engagement with members?

Sponsor Relations - Maryland and DC chapters
* How do we foster vibrant and two-way relationships with current and potential sponsors?
* If DC was doing everything right, why were they losing members?
* Change mindset from 'fundraising' to 'relationship'.
* Created a sponsorship toolkit,
* Have used the toolkit to train their new vendor relationship person.

Maryland laid out clearly what sponsors receive for their dollars.  They seemed to have made it easier for sponsors to get involved.  Liked the idea of have organizations sponsor registration fees for student members or underemployed members.  They also provide ways for members to host events and build points towards a year's free membership.

Coming next week - Loyalty Field Guide which will be available on the SLA web site.

New York Chapter member mentions that they also have members/potential members in Europe.
Need to explore virtual relationship building.
Do think that you're cold calling members.  You do have someone in common with are both members of SLA.

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