Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wayback Wednesday: Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators

Each year, I now teach a graduate course in copyright for library and information science students. The classes uses several resources for its readings, including Kenny Crews' Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators. Last year, Crews updated the book, which is now in its third edition.  I have found the previous editions - which I've mentioned here before - to be very useful in the classroom because of their clear explanations.  They are also good reference works to be used after class has ended.  This fall, I'll be using the new edition, when I teach the copyright class again (IST 735: Copyright for Information Professionals). I'm sure that my students will enjoy this editions as much as students have enjoyed the previous edition. 

If Kenny Crews is not a person that you are familiar with, here are two Digitization 101 blog posts that will help you get to know him better.
Crews blogs occasionally for the Columbia University Libraries Copyright Advisory office.  This post - Fresh Look at the Fair Use Checklist - will be of interest to anyone who is dealing with Fair Use (Title 17, Section 107).

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