Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Making Stories: Libraries & Community Publishing (audio)

Four librarians presented a session at South By Southwest (SXSW) entitled "Making Stories: Libraries & Community Publishing."  (If you're not aware, librarians have a growing presence at SXSW.)  The session was described as:
Good libraries are community-minded, technologically-aware, devoted to increasing access to information, and interested in preserving the local cultural heritage. Good newspapers aggregate and curate information for their readers, prioritize the local population, and are the record of a place, a time, a citizenry. Both believe they must tell stories for everyone, not just themselves.

Libraries have experience with media production, and are already a known community resource. Supporting communication within their community falls within the library’s mandate to increase access to information. Building on the “maker” ethic, how can libraries help their communities make their own news, write their own stories, publish their own histories?
The audio from the one-hour session is online.

If you are interested in libraries as placing for publication and creation, take a listen to Amy Buckland, Char Booth, Michael Porter and Nate Hill have to saw on the topic.

Addendum (8:45 p.m.): The team put their slides in SlideShare.  If you want, you can view the slides, while listening to the recording.

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