Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank you, SLA Upstate NY Chapter!

SLA Upstate NY Chapter Merit AwardOn October 15, the Upstate New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association honored me with this Chapter Merit Award.  Me?  Wow!  Thank you to Elaine Lasda Bergman for her kind words at the event and for giving me this on behalf of the Chapter.

I joined SLA in 1990 and went to my first SLA conference in 1992.  According to my records, I began volunteering at the Chapter level in 1995 and been active ever since somewhere in the Association.  Over the years, those in SLA have been important to me  - even helping me find consulting clients - and, in return, I have given of my time to the Association (where we all met).

Thank you to those who were active in the Chapter in the early 1990s!  Some of you inspired many of us to get involved and stay involved.  And thanks to those elsewhere in the Association who were informal mentors over the years, and who also pushed and pulled me into various activities and committees.  A piece of this award belongs to all of you!

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