Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tasini v. New York Times: With the Freelance Settlement Rejected, What's Next?

The case of Tasini v. New York Times, which deals with the copyrights of freelance writers, was first settled in 1997.  Because of various appeals and rulings, the settlement was not final and:
On August 17, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals sent the parties in the long-running class action suit known shorthand as Freelance back to the drawing board, rejecting an $18 million settlement struck in 2005.
This article talked about the current status and what it means for:
  • For Publishers & Database Operators
  • For the Plaintiffs
  • For Libraries and the Public
  • For the Google Settlement 
If you have article databases that you or license, are a freelance author yourself, or are just interested in how this could impact Google, then take time to read this article.

It will be interesting to note what happens next...and when....

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