Monday, January 10, 2011

Mock-up of a really, really cheap book scanner

From the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) comes news of a very cheap book scanner from the company Ion Audio. (Yes, an audio company is getting into book scanning.)  Before you get all excited, the Book Saver Book Scanner at CES was a mock-up and didn't work.  And it looks like this is something geared for end-users, not organizations that are doing a high number of pages per hour.  This may be a case of what you see is indeed what you get.  (Or what you pay for is what you get.)

Here is the company's press release about the scanner.  Photos of it are here.

1 comment:

BookLove said...

Do you think it may be okay for home use? It looks interesting although it may still be too expensive for me.

I know a lot of old book lovers that may be interested in something like this.