Monday, March 29, 2010

Jill's Schedule: Spring 2010 (CIL, SLA and me the nominee)

I've had a busy winter, which at times has meant "running" through the weeks, airports and train stations.  The next few months are also going to be busy and let me take a moment to tell you where I'll be.
Jill Hurst-Wahl, 2008The SLA conference this year will be a very special event for me because I have been nominated to serve on SLA's Board of Directors.  Proposing someone for the Board is not something that the Nominating Committee does in haste and so I am very honored to have been considered and nominated.  While the actual election will be held in September, the SLA conference is where many Association members will be able to meet me face-to-face and learn more about me. For those that won't be at the conference, videos and other information from all of the candidates will be made available through the SLA web site and the publication Information Outlook.  My bio is already online and I hope that people will follow the links in it to this blog as well as eNetworking 101 in order to learn more about how I think and work.

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