Tuesday, January 05, 2010

CDS Invenio

Add this to the "I should have mentioned this earlier" category. I heard about this in Switzerland and finally found the paper I had written it on.

As the web site says:
CDS Invenio (formerly CDSware), the integrated digital library system, is a suite of applications which provides the framework and tools for building and managing an autonomous digital library server. The software is readily available to anyone, as it is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). The technology offered by the software covers all aspects of digital library management. It complies with the Open Archives Initiative metadata harvesting protocol (OAI-PMH) and uses MARC 21 as its underlying bibliographic standard. Its flexibility and performance make it a comprehensive solution for the management of document repositories of moderate to large size.

CDS Invenio was developed at CERN, which is both maintaining and using the product. According to the web site, CERN manages over 500 collections with the software. More than a dozen scientific institutions worldwide are using the software. At the sites listed that are using Invenio, you can see that it is being used to house bibliographic records, full-text documents and digitized materials.

Invenio's features page uses phrases such as "Google-like" and "Amazon-like" which would intrigue anyone!

Although the Invenio homepage has not been updafed since 2005, the software has been updated in the last two years and some of the pages have been updated in the last six months.

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