Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Podcast - BTB #121: Google Books Settlement: Update With Lois Wasoff

I listened to this podcast this week and found it very well done (Google Books Settlement: Update With Lois Wasoff). Chris Kenneally interviewed copyright lawyer and policy attorney Lois Wasoff for nearly 60 minutes about the Google Book Settlement in late September. At that time, changes were (and still are) brewing in the settlement. Wasoff does an excellent job talking about the history of the settlement, the constituents involved, the problems and opportunities, and where things currently stand. For those who haven't paid immense attention to all of the details of the settlement, this does a great job bringing you up-to-date.

BTW I really like the Beyond the Book podcast which is focused primarily on topics that are relevant to authors and publishers. Generally, the podcasts are around 25-30 minutes in length and they can be listened to online or downloaded to your computer or MP3 player.

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