Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jill's Schedule -or- why isn't she blogging more?

SU lunchtimeI am beginning blog erratically because of my schedule. I am teaching three graduate classes in Syracuse University's iSchool, consulting, and snatching bits of time to enjoy the late summer/early fall weather. With my current schedule, something has to "give" and that seems to be blogging. Rather than blogging daily, it looks like I'll be blogging less often (weekly or maybe a bit more often).

Am I doing any speaking this fall? Yes:
Greenspace SyracuseI had hope to attend iPRES this fall, but have decided that fitting that in-between other commitments was a little "ambitious". Instead, I hope to read, listen to or watch whatever content is produced out of that event.

What am I teaching this fall? I'm teaching three graduate classes:
  • Creating, Managing & Preserving Digital Assets (IST 677) [taught online using Blackboard CE]
  • Digital Libraries (IST 676) [taught online using Blackboard CE and SharePoint]
  • Business Resources & Strategic Intelligence (IST 626) [taught on campus]
It all makes for busy days and great discussions. And would have it no other way!

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