Monday, September 01, 2008

Article: One Man's Quest to Digitize and Publicize Rare Records

He's an article about a one-man digitization effort to digitized old 78 rpm records and make them available to others. Soon after the article appeared, his site received so much traffic that is was shut down by Yahoo. It then came back online and is being moved to a new hosting service. On his site, Cliff Bolling explains:
Hello, Everyone. Bad news. Jeff Goldstein from Yahoo called me today (8/27/08) and told me they don't want me to allow unlimited access to the downloadable songs on my web page. Even a few songs is too many as they are hosting a Small Business web service, not an unlimited shareware service, and I should look elsewhere for a web provider if I want to continue to allow unlimited access to the music. Apparently, it is OK to display my list and store the MP3 files on their servers, but only if I do not allow unlimited access to them.
Then he said:
GOOD NEWS! I just signed up with Lunarpages to host the music. They offer 1,500 Gb of storage and 15,000 Gb of data transfer for $6.95/month! It's going to take a few days to get things loaded and set up, but I feel real good about the music coming back.
And what about copyright concerns? The original article states:
The copyright situation surrounding some of these songs is as murky as their sound quality. But as with the music's political content, Bolling said he has yet to receive a copyright-related complaint about the recordings being online.
It sounds like Bolling is doing a reputable job. Wouldn't it be great if a digital archive stepped up to work with him and ensure that longevity of the files?

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