Friday, May 02, 2008

ALA's Copyright Advisory Network

The American Library Association has a web site just on copyright. The site... a way for librarians to learn about copyright and to get help when they have copyright troubles. The purpose of this site is to encourage librarians to discuss copyright concerns, and seek feedback and advice from fellow librarians and copyright specialists. We'd like to encourage communication and discussion - with copyright, there are no definitive answers so your perspective or point of view will add to a full exchange of ideas. We also hope to provide useful resources for librarians looking to learn about copyright.

Someone on DigiStates discussion list recently mentioned the forums where you can post copyright questions and receive input from others. This is a wonderful resource, since librarians often have no one to bounce these question off of (or no one that they feel will know the answer). There is also a blog, where librarians are writing about copyright. Finally, there are resources, which will soon include case summaries. If you haven't check on this resource, make a point to do so soon. I think you'll be pleased.

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