Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Copyright blogs

The list of blogs that I monitor is constantly changing. Today I added another copyright blog to the list. Here are all of the copyright blogs I monitor currently:
Why? When we think about copyright and digitization, the questions, ideas, trends, and problems will not all be raised by the same people or in the same place. For example, thinking about copyright in terms of a library's digitization efforts for course reserves will occur in one place, while thinking about the impact of copyright on digitizing and share our culture will occur someplace else.

You'll notice that I used the word "monitor" above. I can't read everything! (If I did, I'd get no work done.) So I skim and then read those things that are truly important to what I'm doing or thinking. And likely you don't have time to read everything. So remember that this stuff is stored on the Internet and you can use a search engine, if necessary, to find it again.

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Anonymous said...

jill --

you should check out sivacracy, a group blog headed by Siva Vaidhyanathan, who wrote The Anarchist in the Library.