Tuesday, February 21, 2006

National Library of Australia and Flickr team up

Going back through my saved items in Bloglines, I came across this post from digitizationblog on a library working with Flickr. PictureAustralia, which is hosted by the National Library of Australia, allows you to:
Search for people, places and events in the collections of libraries, museums, galleries, archives, universities and other cultural agencies, in Australia and abroad - all at the same time. View the originals on the member agency web sites and order quality prints at your leisure.
In addition, you can "take part in an exciting new initiative between Yahoo! and PictureAustralia. Why not upload your photos into www.flickr.com and then see them on PictureAustralia!" What a great way of expanding on digital content. The PictureAustralia web site says:
Each week we will collect the metadata (descriptive information) and the thumbnail images from our groups and load them into PictureAustralia, enhancing its value to researchers and the general public. The first load will occur the week following Australia Day 2006.
This will definitely be interesting to see how this develops and grows.

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