Friday, October 28, 2005

NYLA -- Quick thoughts

I don't know if there are official NYLA bloggers, although there are several people hauling laptops. I'm sitting in the lounge of the Adam's Mark Hotel (the conference site) where there is a free wireless network and several of us are hard at work doing "whatever."

I've been asked how big NYLA is. NYLA attracts somewhere between 2,000 - 5,000 people to its annual conference. The count likely depends on location as well as the ability for institutions to pay for people to attend. The conference moves around the state (always, I think, staying close to the Thruway). From the sessions I've been in, most people are either academic or public librarians. CORRECTION (11/9/2005): My source corrected herself this week. The NYLA conference attracts 1,000 - 2000 people. This year's attendance was "a little low" but the conference still attracted more than 1,000 paying attendees.

NYLA begins on Wednesday and ends on Saturday, with the days being long ones (a trademark of library-related conferences).

The Adam's Mark is a nice hotel (very nice). I'm pleased that it and the hotel I stayed in last night (Comfort Inn Suites) had free wireless network. What a joy! The gentleman at the next table remarked that one should not have to pay for wireless access (although obviously someone has to bear the cost).

I've got one more session to attend, then will head home. For sure, this has been a good trip!

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