Monday, September 12, 2005

What should be taught? (I need your ideas)

I'm asking for your help. I'll be teaching a graduate class in creating, managing and preserving digital assets during the spring 2006 semester. I wrote the original syllabus for this at Syracuse University and have taught the class twice since then. When I teach the class in the spring, I want to have a revamped syllabi.

I really like to have the students focus on real-world problems and so I have had them look at collections that might be digitized and interview vendors, as well as learn about all of the phrases of a digitization project. There has been lots of reading and online discussions (the course is taught online via WebCT). Eyes are opened when students realize that its not all technology. Eyes open even wider then they realize ALL of the things that must be considered.

So I have two questions:
  • If you were TAKING a 15-week course on digitization and you knew nothing in the beginning, what would you want to learn? (Yes, I know that's a broad question...)
  • If you were HIRING someone who had taken a semester-long course in digitization, what would you expect the person to know?
Please leave a comment to this post to give me your thoughts. What you say will help to mold the revamped class AND mold those who will become your colleagues.

And...thanks in advance for your input!

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