Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Summertime digitization projects

I wrote last Friday about planning digitization projects and that you must select the right time of year to do the project. For example, can you sustain the project year-round or is it something best not done in the summer, when everyone wants to take vacation? (Yes, a very simplified view, but you get the idea.)

One community college that has library staff on 10-month contracts (meaning that they do not work or get paid in the summer), uses the summer to work on digitization projects. Why? First, they can provide summer employment for those employees who are on a 10-month contract. Second, the staff is dedicated to the digitization project and are pulled away by other activities.

Using this as an example, is there a way for your project to be creative in scheduling or utilizing staff that will allow it to work on a digitization project or sustain a digitization program?

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