Sunday, June 12, 2005

S-T Imaging Inc.

One of the vendors I visited at the Special Libraries Association conference was S-T Imaging Inc. According their web site, "S-T Imaging is a leading manufacturer of microfilm readers, universal film carriers, digital microfilm viewers and scanners." S-T Imaging is owned by Digital Check Corporation (DCC) and has been involved creating micrographic equipment since 1989.

The machine S-T Imaging demonstrated at SLA was a microfilm/microfiche reader/printer/scanner that is meant for patron use (the ST200 Motorized). The ST200 can be outfitted so it will do microfilm only, or both microfilm and microfiche. This machine would replace an existing microfilm reader, giving the patron all of the current functionality plus the ability to scan images. Once scanned, images can be saved to a variety of media options or e-mailed using the ScanWrite software. (If you don't want the patron to have access to all of the storage options, they can be disabled.)

The ST200 is not meant to be used in production mode. (It is too slow for production mode, but a good speed for patrons).

Wayne Rogozinski, national sales manager for S-T Imaging, noted that they will be coming out with more scanning devices later this year (non-microform related).


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