Thursday, November 04, 2004

Digitization information on Google

Google is probably the most popular search engine. We might forget, though, that it also has a directory where information is categorized for us to retrieve. The Google Directory does has three sections that cover digitization.

First, if you search on digitization in the Google Directory, you will find this page. This contains a long list of digitization projects. Since the list grows by people submitting sites to it, people involved in projects need to submit theirs to this Google Directory.

Second, Google has the category of Reference > Library > Digital. This category contains links to both digital libraries and digitization projects. Again, the list grows through site submissions, so projects need to be proactive in getting listed here.

Third, there is the category of Digital Library Development. Since many digitization projects are part of digital libraries, this is also a good place to look for information related to digitization projects and standards.

So remember to search the web using Google for information on digitization projects, but don't forget to check the Google Directories. The Directories may be a faster way of finding just what you need.

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