Friday, April 03, 2015

Becoming a Library Training

The 158th episode of T is Training (52-minute) was on how people become library trainers and the skills needed. The group talked about coursework, etc., that people should consider, if they want to become library trainers. This is an excellent podcast for MSLIS students, because it may change the coursework that you select. It also an excellent podcast for current LIS professionals, because it may spark ideas around professional development.

Participating in the podcast were Maurice Coleman, Paul Signorelli, Laura Botts, Patti Poe, and Kate Kosturski.

You can listen to the episode here. By the way, the episode is formally entitled "These People Are Dead, Let’s Move On."  Once you listen to it, you'll understand the title.

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Paul Signorelli said...

Glad to see this resource (and Maurice Coleman's wonderful ongoing series of T is for Training conversations/podcasts) receiving additional promotion; hope it continues to stimulate conversations and action in our lifelong-learning playgrounds.