Monday, November 05, 2007

Mekel Mach IV microfilm scanner at NNYLN

It's nice to see a program showing off its new equipment! Here the Northern New York Library Network (a multi-type library consortium) shows its new microfilm scanner which is rated to do 300 images per minute. If my memory is correct, this is their third microfilm scanner. (I have no idea if they've traded in the other two or not.) Their first was a manual one. Having automated scanners allowed them to work more quickly. To date, they have digitized more than 630,000 newspaper pages.

More information is available here.

By the way, photos of digitization labs are useful to organizations that are thinking of building one. The photos help people to understand the type of space and environment that is needed.

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Tom Blauvelt said...

The actual scan rate for the material that we are doing is about 40 frames per minute (35 MM film scanned at 300 DPI); slower than rated speed but faster than we can keep up with! That is about three reels per hour compared with two reels per day with the older scanner. Images are of excellent quality.
We have kept both of the old scanners, a Canon 800 and a Wicks & Wilson 4001. We have three projects going at once. Each of these older scanners provides
its own capabilities; for example,
reels with very short leaders or film with very irregular images.

Thomas Blauvelt