Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Event: Describing Photographs in the Online Environment

This is from the Archivist's Daybook:

August 15 -- “Describing Photographs in the Online Environment” will be offered by the SAA in New Orleans, LA. Get an in-depth review of the major emerging standards for the online description of physical photographs, with an emphasis on data structure standards such as the Dublin Core and VRA 3.0; content standards such as the new CCO (Cataloging Cultural Objects), DACS, Graphic Materials; and data value standards such as the Art and Architecture Thesaurus and the Thesaurus for Graphic Materials. Collection-level description, item-level description, and traditional finding aids are discussed in detail. Program runs from 9am-5pm. To register and for more information contact Solveig DeSutter, or Jodie Stauffer in the SAA Professional Education Department, at: Email:; Tel: 312-922-0140; or see Website:

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Update (7/21): Oh, dear...Someone has pointed out that the actual web site for the workshop notes that it is "closed." Obviously this is a popular topic. It is suggested that those interested contact Solveig DeSutter at SAA to see if they will run the workshop again.


cameragnome said...


This workshop is now listed as closed on the SAA website.

Martha is an amazing instructor who teaches other workshops throughout the year. Those interested should contact Solveig DeSutter at SAA to see if there is enough interest, they could run it again.

Miriam Meislik
University of Pittsburgh

cameragnome said...


Hello, again. I posted a note to Solveig DeSutter, Directof of Education for SAA, and she is interested in hearing from people who would like to learn more about the workshop and to see if additonal dates are in the works. She also mentioned that the workshop is going to be run again. The next scheduled date is scheduled for New York on November 7. More information is available here,

Miriam Meislik
Univeristy of Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

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