Tuesday, February 27, 2018

World Intellectual Property Day is coming on April 26, 2018

Powering Change: Women in innovation and creativity
Each year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) celebrates World Intellectual Property Day. This year, World IP Day (#WorldIPday) is April 26.  As WIPO says:
This year’s World Intellectual Property Day campaign celebrates the brilliance, ingenuity, curiosity and courage of the women who are driving change in our world and shaping our common future.
As you think ahead to April 26, consider the women in your community who are creators.  Could you hold a celebration of their work (creativity)?  Are some of them patent holders?  If yes, could you have an event where young girls and women can interact with them, and gain some inspiration?  Would you want to gather personal histories or photos, to place in local history or share through social media?  Yes...there are lots of options/opportunities, so grab one and run with it!

If you want promotional materials, there are some on the WIPO web site which you can use.

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