Monday, December 06, 2010

Follow-up to "What I want LIS students to know"

100_0488My blog post - What I want LIS students to know- has circulated far and wide since Nov. 23.  Thanks for the comments that have been posted here and elsewhere about it.  I appreciate the feedback and am heartened to know that so many were touched by it.

Since Nov. 23, there have been two blog posts by colleagues that you should know about...

First, Bobbi Newman wrote Is She Crazy to Want to Work in Libraries? Advice for a Potential Librarian, which is an excellent blog post AND links to other relevant blog posts of advice for LIS students and those that are new to the profession.

Second, Roy Tennant wrote his own version of What I Want LIS Students to Know and it is well-worth reading.

Finally, if you have written a blog post of advice for LIS students, please let me know.  I'd like to promote it.

Addendum, Feb. 21, 2011: Here is a recent blog post from Roy Tennant that should also be read: An Open Letter to New Librarians. Jan. 12, 2015: Updated the URLs.


Bobbi Newman said...

Thank you for including me Jill and Thank you for writing such a wonderful post to being with.

Seiko said...

Great post and feedback! Thank you.