Friday, July 31, 2009

The Paper of Record - good news

On July 13, I finally blogged about the changes and problems with the Paper of Record, which had been bought by and integrated into Google. Commenters noted that there were still problems. Well, today that blog post received the following comment (links added):
Finally, we've just completed another go around with Google and will return in it's normal form at World Vital Records. Institutional subscribers will access POR in the format most academics and students have grown accustomed to. A press release will follow in the next few days.


Bob Huggins
I know of many people who will be anxious to read the press release. I'm sure that once the Paper of Record is available through World Vital Records that researchers will test the archive for completeness. I hope that they truly do find everything that has been lacking on the Google site.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me I've heard that song before! WVR continue to advertise they carry the PoR newspapers, as they have for a long time, even though Bob's message only indicates they are coming.

Anonymous said...

The paper I want is there at WVR. Sort of. Searching is pointless- I often get no hits for words mentioned in every issue. Browsing it would be better than nothing, but the pages of each issue are presented in no particular order. And, the first issue or two of every month seems to be missing. Mr. Huggins, where's that access under the old interface? And where's that press release?