Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kevin Kelly on "movage"

Late last year, Kevin Kelly, the founding editor for Wired magazine, wrote a blog post on "Movage." Kelly argues for the continuous moving of digital assets (or what we might call refreshing and migrating) rather than storage. He says:
This movic rythym [sic] of refreshing content should be as smooth as a respiratory cycle -- in, out, in, out. Copy, move, copy, move.
While this concept is not new, what the blog post did was to make me think about the term "storage". When I store something, I tuck it away and likely won't touch it again until I decide to finally use it or throw it out. However, we don't want to tuck our digital assets away and ignore them. They need to be touched, maintained, and moved. The word "store" and its permutations don't convey that. Movage may not be the correct work, but it is interesting.

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Sally J. said...

The term "movage" is a great way to illustrate how the term storage is inappropriate, and I plan to use it in my workshops. But (like you) I don't see it ever replacing the term storage.