Friday, July 31, 2009

Books about digital libraries available for the Kindle

I had someone comment (in Facebook) after my blog post yesterday that:
a digital library could be considered the downloads everything you want from newspapers to books
And that got me thinking about what is available for a Kindle. Lo and behold, there are books about digital libraries available for the Kindle! Even the textbook I'm using this fall (Understanding Digital Libraries, Second Edition) for my digital libraries class is available for the Kindle. I wonder if any of my students will read it in that format? Guess I'll have to survey the class and ask.

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Jason said...

I suppose the Kindle could be a self-contained digital library, but I think in order for the device to truly be a library, the user would need to posses the permanent ownership rights to all the works they have on their Kindle - and not just the rights to read those books on their Kindle.

Specifically, I am referring to the recent removal of the works of George Orwell from Kindles. I just have this mental image of silent, invisible thieves, hired by publishers, slipping into the closed library at night and stealing books. A humorous, but disturbing image.