Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog post: A View of Regional Digitization Centers

Peter Murray (Disruptive Library Technology Jester) has a written a long blog post about the way regional digitization centers work. Murray writes:
As a part of work for an OhioLINK strategic task force, I have been exploring the creation and operation of regional/collaborative/shared digitization centers. This is a report of findings to date after an open call for information. The report is structured with questions to be explored when considering a regional digitization center followed by narratives from conversations with the Collaborative Digitization Program (formerly the Colorado Digitization Program), the Mountain West Digital Library, and the Ohio Historical Society.
The creation of regional centers is a topic that is often discussed by various consortia. His post outlines some of the questions that should be asked, which some will find very helpful. And reading about the centers that others have developed (then dissolved in some cases) is quite useful.

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