Monday, May 02, 2005

Orphan Works: Issues and Legislative Strategies

I'm online listening to the ARL, MLA, AALL online conference, “Orphan Works: Issues and Legislative Strategies.” The audio is being delivered via audio bridge (telephone) as well as VOIP. The slides are being delivered over the Internet.

I really enjoy being able to attend meetings/presentations in this way. Unfortunately, the VOIP audio quality isn't good for everyone who is listening to this online conference. My audio went from great to lousy, and others have complained to the Tech Moderator. (And I need to keep my phone line free for another conference call. Poor me.)

The PowerPoint for this online conference is available here. I do wish some of the presenters had put more text on their slides.

The PowerPoint says that a streaming video of the conference will be available May 12 at the conference's web site.

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